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Water, Sanitaion and Hygiene (WASH)
SFRD  builds capacity of community partners in technical construction and hygiene promotion methods with a focus on sustainable change and investment. Technology and behavior change strategies have been improved through supporting households to install over 100 open latrine projects Improved sanitation has resulted in the construction of over 1150 quality water sealed latrines, and has complimented families learning the importance of hygiene and being able to access clean water for drinking and washing.
With a third of Cambodia’s population in some of form of poverty, the vast majority of people
depend on agriculture for their primary livelihood. However, household well-being is severely
affected by limited basic education, exorbitant health care costs, and uncertain food security.
Worsening this situation is the high 72%1 rate of open defecation which costs the country over 400
million USD in losses annually2, despite studies describing a 200% rate of return upon a USD 1
investment3 .

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