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Volunteer Opportunities

We continue to seek committed individuals with a sincere wish to assist as we further our mission. There are number of ways to lend your support to Latrines For Life. From administrative tasks and social media design to fundraising activities and product sales, there can be a significant and meaningful way to get involved. Below are just a few possibilities. Whatever your interest level may be, the first step is to contact us and have a conversation about some options. Please feel free to give our director, Mr. SUY, Chhay Leang, a call at 855 12 22 9941 or email at

Slide Show Speaker Presentation:
Are you connected to any group, association, service club or corporate entity that could possibly be interested in hearing more about our program. If so, please pass along our information. Mr. Leang will be happy to come out and join you at a meeting. Our website has good examples of the slide images that he would use for your group.

Cause Marketing Business Partnership:
Do you own a business that relies on community goodwill and reputation to drive sales. Then possibly think of using your business to support our cause. When a business is committed to supporting a cause, and makes the commitment visible, customers and clients take notice. There are many various strategies that should be considered. A creatively designed marketing campaign focusing on the cause will speak volumes and attract more customers to the business. Something as simple as selecting a certain group of items in the store for which LfL would receive a small percentage of the sale. Popular items could be attractive shoulder bags, purses and bracelets.
The success of a small business is directly dependent on its reputation in the local community, and one of the best ways to build trust is to clearly demonstrate support for a worthy cause. When customers are aware that a business is socially responsible it drives the bottom line.

Dinner Fundraiser:
A smart and popular fundraising activities could be a dinner, whether at a restaurant. We would need volunteers in the planning process, and for possible ticket sales. Do you have an interest in gathering silent auction items. There are lots of smaller items that can help, such as restaurant meals or retail merchandise gift certificates, themed gift baskets, or any items that can be collected and arranged in an attractive gift package. Do you have connections that can generate significant items like trips, airline tickets, hotel stays or timeshare weeks?

Happy Hour Gathering:
An idea could be to plan a few happy hour events. The thought has been to gather in a local establishment once a month to socialize and exchange ideas. We would create a pleasant atmosphere of fellowship, and discuss our programs in a casual and relaxed setting. Also, we could add a fundraising element whereby those of us attending, and the establishment in which we are meeting, could make donations to the LfL program. If you have connections to a local restaurant or brewery, you may want to volunteer to structure a system that would draw a crowd.

Administration and Marketing:
Do you have specific skills in the area of Marketing, Publicity or Social Media. Perhaps in Graphic Design, Grant Writing, Public Relations or Accounting. These are all professional areas of service that could be immensely helpful to us in the right circumstance. Or do you perhaps have another skill that you think could be of benefit to our organization. Please be creative. We have many needs, and would love to hear from you.

Community Connection:
You may want to consider gathering a few of your friends together and structuring a special committee designed to form a link directly to one of the Cambodia villages where families are on the waiting list for latrines. Your committee would meet at your home for coffee and brainstorm new creative ideas on how to give meaningful support to the village. You and your committee could make a significant difference in the lives of those families.

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