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Sanitation Project

 Our Project in Countrysite of Cambodia


Sanitation and decent toilet facilities are big issues in most rural areas of Cambodia, and the Kos Khel community where our MfM program operates, is no exception. To help improve the situation  we have initiated a special latrine project through Solidarity Fund for Rural Development(SFRD), our non-profit partner in Cambodia. We collected applications from families interested in receiving a latrine, and the project is now under way with Mr. Check Sarith family being the first recipient among five families.
From the photos we can see the construction process and the excitement generated.
We raised enough money to start the process by building the first five latrines for families that currently have applied. From the photos we can see the first latrine going in. This is one more way to help the poor families that we serve.  Good sanitation is essential for health and well being, but it's not the norm in rural Cambodia. Old habits of poor hygiene, of using open fields in elimination of body waste, are still wide spread. The result is the contamination of streams and soils, the spread of disease, high rates of infant and young child mortality, and heavy caseloads of diarrhea and other infections.

According to the World Bank's Sanitation program (2008) only about 17% of Cambodian rural poor    households have access to improved sanitation facilities, and by other studies it shows that among the  very poor, fewer than 5% have access to a decent toilet facility
We like to share the quote  " The Charity is suffering long and is kind... wherefore, our brothers and sisters in the world, if you do not have charity , you are nothing, FOR CHARITY NEVER FAILED... Charity which is the greatest of all, but the Charity is the pure Love" 


A local brick layer sets a foundation with Mr. Check Sarith assisting.


The latrine(toilet) project is providing Mr. Keng Yin and project is completed when Mr. Lund Niels  has been visited in Cambodia in Janaury 2014, funded by members of the Encinitas Rotary Club in US. This is a great final photo to post - demonstrates the communal heart of giving that all of us felt throughout his time here in this "Land of Wonder" that is Cambodia. So many people welcomed us with open arms - and hearts. It's been a very special time of rejuvenation and inspiration for him. He said and confident that we have made a real difference in the lives of many families in Rural Area in Kosh Khel commune, Saang District, Kandal Province , Cambodia